Dynasty of Dinosaurs coloring book

more than 100 pages for coloring fun and dinosaur facts

"Dinosaurs so fierce they'll eat all your crayons!"
(not including crayons and pencils pictured on the cover)

Dinosaurs dominated the earth for 170 million years, and studying them takes a combination of knowledge and imagination. With A Dynasty of Dinosaurs you'll not only learn about these magnificent creatures from paleontologists, but you'll also see them through the artist's eyes of one of the world's foremost paleoartists. More importantly, you'll get to use your own imagination to recreate the ruling reptiles and their world. With well over 100 pages of fun dinosaur facts and cool illustrations to color, there's no better or more engaging way to learn!

Soft Cover, more than 100 pages of facts and illustrations to color.
Coloring is a great way for the brain to take a break - for kids of all ages! 

Jason Poole - Artist - Jason's interest in art was spawned as he learned to read from discarded comic books and fast food menus in the mean streets of Philadelphia. Mr. Poole has produced art for several museums and for National Geographic and National Geographic World magazines as well as several scientific publications. 

Jason Schein - Author - Jason is the founder and Executive Director of the Bighorn Basin Paleontological Institute, a nonprofit 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to paleontology and earth science research and education. Jason holds a B.S. and an M.S. in geology from Auburn University, and has taught geology and paleontology at the university level. Jason was Assistant Curator of Natural History at our very own NJ State Museum when this book was published. 

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