Classic Board Game


While we’re all spinning around in this fascinating galaxy, play to rule the universe! You could even own Mother Earth! And as you play, flip over the deeds and learn something about each cosmic element you own. Buy favorite celestial bodies and increase your rent by collecting Stars and trading them in for Orbs.

Sounds easy enough until your launch fails, or you hear a tiny hiss in your space suit, or worse yet- you’re sent to the Black Hole and you’re lost in space for three turns! Grab your token and Advance to the sun! Who knows! You may soon be the first human on Saturn…or you may be abducted by aliens!

Whatever happens, it will be out of this world!

Product Dimensions: 20 X 10 X 1.5 IN    2-6 PLAYERS, AGES 8 AND UP

All of the Late for the Sky "opoly" games are made in the USA - produced in Late for the Sky's Cincinnati facility. The game parts are all domestic, and most are produced less than 50 miles from the operation.

Environmental Note ...
Late for the Sky is dedicated to working toward the manufacturing of completely earth-friendly games. 100% of the unused paper involved in making our games is recycled. The fiberboard used in making the set-up boxes and game boards is all recycled material. Late for the Sky is an alcohol free printing operation that uses only soy based inks. Corn based shrinkwrap is currently being used and will soon replace all petroleum based shrink film. Plastic game trays, currently a high impact styrene, are being replaced by a water bottle grade #1 recyclable material. Metal game tokens are being transitioned from lead-free pewter to zinc. Recycled glass is becoming an alternative to styrene "house and hotel" game pieces. 

Your purchase helps to support the collections, exhibitions and programs of the New Jeersey State Museum.