Leon Rainbow Art Notecard of We Are Survivors Mural

Limited Edition

We Are Survivors Mural
March, 2020
Located near Clinton & Hudson, Trenton, NJ
Limited edition signed and numbered notecard. Image size 7.5" x 4.75". Card is 5.5" x 8.5" and includes self-sealing envelope.

Leon Rainbow is an artist in Trenton NJ who creatively combines graffiti, street art and other artistic forms into innovative projects and events. He reaches out to wide audience, from galleries to the walls of inner cities.
Annually, Leon curates two art festivals in New Jersey for area painters and the community as well as dedicating his civic duty to teaching several workshops for the Trenton After-School Program.

Leon continues to evolve his art by taking lettering into dimensional media, as well as fashion. His knowledge of Graffiti Art History remixed with new materials and styles alter the perception of this art form to present a positive message.

About the Art 
The We are Survivors Mural Series started with one wall by Leon Rainbow that was painted in March 2020 in response to the Corona Virus Pandemic.
We would like to expand this concept to create a series of murals that will promote stories of survival and perseverance within the Trenton Community.
Mr. Rainbow will collaborate with a team of artists and assistants to create impactful murals throughout the downtown community. We feel that it is important to put a positive message out using murals in this time of great negativity.

We Are Survivors! 

My art is a fusion of life and imagination. I take graffiti and morph it with fine art ,combine it with an underlying message. This allows me to reach a wide variety of people. The image relates more to youth, the message to adults. My design pulls them together bringing them to the middle ground to which they relate.

I am about my message. My art is my voice, my protest , agreement, whisper, shout, and cry. “To see my artwork is to see me to understand my artwork is to think about the message it conveys. This is my life.”

-Leon Rainbow

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