19th Amendment Sojourner Truth Notecard

19th Amendment Historical Notecard

Created by Meneese Wall, a graphic artist and designer from Santa Fe, NM. Her unique and beautifully designed artwork celebrates the women, quotes, events and memorabilia that defined the suffrage movement. Meneese developed a series of iconic images in commemoration of the passing of the 19th Amendment. The notecards feature a striking illustration and text on the back that describes its historical significance. 

Sojourner Truth

What we know as history is not always historical. Such is the case with the quote in this artwork, “Ain’t I a Woman,” attributed to Sojourner Truth from an extemporaneous speech she gave to a women’s rights convention in Akron, Ohio in 1851. Since Sojourner was illiterate, her speech was not written down until it was published a week later in The Anti-Slavery Bugle, with no mention of this line.
Sojourner was born Isabelle Baumfree (Belle), a slave, in Ulster County, New York around 1797; the exact year is unknown. By the age of thirteen, she’d been bought and sold three times. Of her five children, four by her husband Thomas (a slave) and one by a slave owner, only her infant Sophia remained with her when she escaped to freedom in 1826.
Once free, Belle asked the Lord to give her a new name symbolic of her new mission - to travel about and proclaim the truth, ergo Sojourner Truth. She spent the rest of her life as an abolitionist and suffrage activist, meeting and speaking with some of the most influential leaders in those movements. She even met with Presidents Abraham Lincoln and Ulysses S. Grant at the White House.

The above excerpt is from the brief historical background printed on the back of each notecard describing its significance within the struggle for women to win the right to vote. These are the copyrighted writings of Meneese Wall and are submitted for the online use of the New Jersey State Museum Shop, to accompany Meneese’s artwork. No other use of these writings is permitted, in print or online. 

Notecards are 5” x 7” with a white envelope and protective plastic sleeve. 

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