Mosaic Glass Necklace

Mosaic Glass Bead Necklace

This beautiful necklace is made up of many mosaic glass beads. Mosaic glass beads are believed to have originated in Western Asia. The style became popular in Rome and had a renaissance in 16th century Venice where the glass became known as Millefiori (a thousand flowers). These beads were artistically created by laying colored glass rods next to each other with the middle section often creating a flower like pattern. Those rods were then heated so they could be stretched and fused together. The bar was sliced into beads which were pierced for jewelry. Eventually beads like these made their way to North America where Native Americans used them to adorn clothing, moccasins, bags and headdresses.

The 34" long necklace can be worn long or double wrapped as shown.
Gold plate lobster hook closure.

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