Old Blood Inlay Star Brass Necklace

Blue Leather Inlay in Brass

This necklace is offered in BRASS, image shows the correct color leather but a silver finish

OLD BLOOD JEWELRY AND WEARS was started in 2012 by Philadelphia based MORGAN JAMISON. A 2009 graduate of the University of the Arts Jewelry/Metals program Morgan has been making jewelry since childhood. " I have been making jewelry for as long as I can remember. It started by picking up treasures on the ground as a child and wearing them. In a sense that's still how it remains... the fascination with things I see and places I find. Even when we are making something new the need we are answering is an old one".  Morgan makes jewelry with the intention of empowering the wearer and captivating the viewer. 

This Star Inlay necklace is delicate with clean lines. The mixed media necklace features light blue leather in brass in a shape reminiscent of shooting stars.  The necklace comes on a 24” gold plate chain with 2” extender. The center piece measures 3” long x 1” wide.

Your purchase helps to support the collections, exhibitions and programs of the New Jersey State Museum.