Yugen Moon Phases Bracelet

Phases of the Moon under Glass

Yūgen - A profound, mysterious sense of the beauty of the universe.

The Earth's Moon is a never ending source of beauty, mystery and the power of dreams.
A lunar celebration, this Moon phase bracelet is a simple but unique statement piece. The antique silver plated brass bracelet features 7 digital images of the phases of the Moon, from crescent, to full, and back again. Makes a perfect gift for science teachers, astrology and astronomy lovers alike, and your favorite stargazer. Or you! Who doesn't love to treat themselves to something pretty now and then.

Plated brass and glass, 7 3/4" long, each image is 1/2"

Yugen Designs founder Lauren Beacham brings her design and artisan handcrafting expertise to every Yugen piece.  Along with Brittany, who manages their studio in Maryland and helps to craft their unique pieces, they bring us closer to the mysteries and beauty of our universe. 

In addition, this small business uses a portion of their sales to support charitable organizations focused on protecting  our planet and exploring the stars.

Your purchase also helps to support the collections, exhibitions, and programs of the New Jersey State Museum.