Tree of Life Earrings

Gold plated with semiprecious bead accent

The tree of life image is a common motif in various world theologies, philosophies and mythologies. Often used to portray the interconnection of all life, the tree of life is associated with knowledge, and our connection to a greater power. Interpretations of this image can be found in most world religions. From ancient times to present day, and across cultures, this mystical and magical tree has often represented the source of life. This motif is deeply rooted in our collection, reflecting the importance of being unique while simultaneously part of the oneness we seek spiritually. 

These beautiful earrings feature tree of life charms with semiprecious stone accents.

Choose Gold plate with Amethyst or Carnelian (red). 
Features a French Earwire with a 2” drop.

Handcrafted in the USA. 

Look for the earrings in Silver plate with Carnelian (red), Jade (green) or Amethyst and pendant necklaces to match or complement.

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