Sea Glass and Sterling Silver earrings

Sea glass hand wrapped in sterling silver


These beautiful jade green color sea glass and sterling silver earrings are designed by New Jersey artisan Eva Panko. Every piece of jewelry is handcrafted top grade sea glass found on local beaches.  Pure sea glass is formed by years of exposure to the forces of nature and the abrasive physical conditioning of the surf and sand.  Each piece is one of a kind with its own unique shape and weathered patina created by countless years of sun and sea exposure.  Designed to show off the sea glass’ natural beauty, each item in our collection is uniquely framed by sterling silver wire.  With recycling and less glass production, pure sea glass is becoming harder to find.  We hope you enjoy and treasure these rare jewels from the sea.

Seaglass pieces approximately 1/2"

Drop 1 3/4"

Your purchase helps to support the collections, exhibitions and programs of the New Jersey  State Museum.