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Extinct for 65 million years, dinosaurs continue to fascinate us. They ruled the planet for 160 million years, but their fossilized remains provide our only clues to their existence. What did they eat? How did they live? How did they look? And most mysteriously…What happened to them?

Step back in time and walk in the ancient footprints of dinosaurs. We've gathered dinosaurs ranging from very small to the largest of all and created a fun-filled game. Here's a quick idea of how to play. Choose your token, buy favorite dinosaurs, collect Bones and trade them in for Museum Exhibits.

It sounds easy enough - but pay Hatching Fees, develop Prehistoric Breath, and become Nearly Extinct and it becomes a little more difficult and a lot more fun! It's your roll! Who knows? You may be going to a 110 millionth year birthday party… or you may end up fossilized and older than dirt!

Are you looking for a fun wa to experience dinosaurs? Here it is!

Product Dimensions: 15.25 X 10.5 X 2 IN               2-6 PLAYERS, AGES 8 AND UP

All of the Late for the Sky "opoly" games are made in the USA - produced in Late for the Sky's Cincinnati facility. The game parts are all domestic, and most are produced less than 50 miles from the operation.

Environmental Note ...
Late for the Sky is dedicated to working toward the manufacturing of completely earth-friendly games. 100% of the unused paper involved in making our games is recycled. The fiberboard used in making the set-up boxes and game boards is all recycled material. Late for the Sky is an alcohol free printing operation that uses only soy based inks. Corn based shrinkwrap is currently being used and will soon replace all petroleum based shrink film. Plastic game trays, currently a high impact styrene, are being replaced by a water bottle grade #1 recyclable material. Metal game tokens are being transitioned from lead-free pewter to zinc. Recycled glass is becoming an alternative to styrene "house and hotel" game pieces. 

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